Changes In The Body Caused By Eating Mushrooms

Mushrooms have a lot of protein enough to be called ‘beef in the mountains’, but they contain only 40% of the calories of chicken breast, which is considered a diet food Buy penis envy online. 

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There are many ingredients that are good for weight control. It is rich in dietary fiber, which gives a feeling of fullness and prevents overeating.

 It also has the effect of boosting the immune function, so it plays a role in strengthening the immunity weakened during diet. Let’s learn about the efficacy of mushrooms that are common around us.

Top 10 foods that lower bad cholesterol?

According to the data of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, shiitake (per 100g) is considered one of the mushrooms with high protein content (4.55g) and dietary fiber (7.3g). 

However, the caloric content (per 100g) is 36 kcal, which is less than 40% of 97 kcal tofu and 98 kcal chicken breast, reducing the possibility of gaining weight. 

Rich in dietary fiber, it makes you feel full and helps you lose weight. Shiitake mushrooms have the effect of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, so it is better to consume them with oil-based dishes or meat.

According to the American Heart Association (ACC), shiitake mushrooms are ranked as one of the top 10 foods that increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol

There is nothing to throw away shiitake mushrooms. The root contains ingredients that help bowel movement and blood sugar control, and the texture is good, so it is good to dip it in red pepper paste. 

It can be added when making soup with anchovies, etc., or served on the table in the form of a stew.

According to data from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea, it was found that a significant amount of vitamin D was produced when shiitake mushrooms (dried shiitake mushrooms), which had no vitamin D at all.

were exposed to sunlight. You can get vitamin D relatively easily if you put raw shiitake mushrooms out in the sun for 2 hours before cooking and cook them.

In addition to shiitake, it was reported that weight and body fat reduction and serum fat concentration improved even when eating tops, oyster mushroom, oyster mushroom, zelkova mushrooms, and chaga mushrooms.

 As a result of studying the diet effect of mushrooms through a rat experiment, anti-obesity effects were found in rats fed a high-fat-high-cholesterol diet.

Mushrooms occupy most of the water, and the solid content is less than 10%. Calorie is low at about 24-42 kcal per 100 g, so it is a food that can lose weight while eating.

Enoki mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber, which helps the intestinal peristalsis and is good for preventing or treating constipation. 

Osmotic pressure and high blood pressure, along with sodium, are effective in controlling osmotic pressure with large amount of potassium.

 It has a high content of polyphenol, a physiologically active ingredient, and a trehalas content of 25%, which is good for preventing osteoporosis. 

Oyster mushroom is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, so it promotes the excretion of cholesterol, suppresses the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver, and helps in fat loss.

Cancer treatment with mushrooms? how to see

One of the most difficult cases for cancer specialists at university hospitals is when a patient eats foods that are good for the body without consulting the doctor while receiving chemotherapy.

 There are no studies yet to prove the anticancer effect of mushrooms in humans with certainty. According to data from the National Cancer Center, Sanghwang mushroom, reishi mushroom, elm juice, and water parsley,

which are known to be effective in cancer treatment, may cause toxic hepatitis and thrombocytopenia. There are cases in which cancer surgery itself is not possible, so we are urging you not to eat it.


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