5 tips for a positive mindset

1) Get to know your inner critic

We all know her: That penetrating voice that whispers to us that we are not good, smart or beautiful enough. The voice that tells us that we shouldn’t even try it because it always goes wrong anyway. The voice of our inner critic. 

If you want to build a positive mindset, the first step is always to examine that voice. Where does she come from? Are these perhaps the incorporated statements of a strict parent? Or a teacher from your school days? Only when you understand why you are so critical of yourself can you actively work on changing your mindset positively. 

2) Practice gratitude

An absolute must for anyone who wants to think more positively! There are a number of very different practices that can be easily integrated into everyday life. The most popular are the Gratitude Meditation and the Gratitude Journal. Journaling

in particular has stood out for reducing stress , anxiety  and other  negative emotions . In addition, writing at the beginning or end of the day helps you to focus specifically on the positive things in your life [2]. 

This improves your mood and draws your attention to the good things in life in the long term . After all, one of the best positive mindset sayings is: “Where focus goes, energy flows”.

3) Meditation 

Meditation, like gratitude, is one of the basic routines of many successful people . We now also know that a meditation practice of about 10 to 20 minutes a day can help to reduce stress and find your inner center. 

incorporated statements

In addition , by meditating you will also improve your ability to concentrate and not be disturbed by thoughts that arise.

4) Practice mindfulness in all moments

Gratitude and meditation have also become known as so-called “mindfulness practices . ” It is about an active reflection on the moment , on your body , your feelings and your surroundings .

In everyday life, take the time to just be and notice what is happening. Those who regularly practice mindfulness, radical acceptance and presence are much calmer in dealing with conflicts and generally less reactive [4]. Of course, this also benefits your general mental hygiene , as you can always find your inner peace [5]. 

5) Surround yourself with positive people 

Chronic whiners, doubters and haters rarely bring good vibes. In fact, research is now being conducted into whether interacting with negative or manipulative people affects your ability to form positive bonds. They trigger your stress response and make it all the more difficult for you to discard your own negative tendencies [6]. 

But dealing with positive people follows the same pattern: the more you focus on good relationships, the better your mood will be. When you align yourself with the optimistic and supportive people in your life, you’ll find it increasingly easier to show your best side as well [7]. 

6) Get inspiration – from books or podcasts

Show your mind every day what is possible! Mental stimulation and contact with potential role models are extremely expansive for your mindset. Your brain notices: “Aha, that’s possible after all”. Not only is this inspiring, it also reinforces positive neural structures that help you reduce self-doubt. 

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