Workout : Recommendations For Beginners

We offer to consider in more detail what a workout is and how to properly organize training.

What are the benefits of a workout?

Basic workout workout is a whole direction with borrowings from calisthenics, with an emphasis on strength and speed-strength indicators without the use of special weights. If we consider different areas of fitness, then workout has serious advantages:

  • low injury risk;
  • complexity and the ability to work out all muscle groups. Unlike powerlifting and bodybuilding, workout trains not only strength, but also endurance and aerobic performance of the body.

Basic outfit and equipment :

The advantage of the workout is that it does not require equipment and special sports equipment. However, training will be more effective if you have gloves, rubber loops and straps in your arsenal, and there are:

  • handles: circular, curvilinear, curved;
  • bars;
  • horizontal bars;
  • swedish wall;
  • press benches;
  • crossbars of different heights.

Workout elements :

The technical base of the workout is based on a combination of dynamic and static movements. To perform complex elements on the horizontal bar, you need to master the basic exercises:

  • uneven bars training;
  • pull-ups on the crossbar of the turnstile;
  • push-ups from a prone position;
  • squats.

Having gained a strength foundation in basic exercises, you can proceed to the elements:

  • flag (human flag);
  • horizon (planche);
  • a spear;
  • the exit of an angel and the exit of a prince;
  • martin;
  • god’s walk
  • power output on two hands, etc.

With each new stage, the body’s capabilities increase – and the amount of exercise too.

Where to start training?

Training schemes can be completely different, as they depend on the level of training, the availability of equipment and free time. In the beginning, it is recommended to bet on strengthening the muscular body and endurance.

Recommendations for beginners :

One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is wanting to get visual results as quickly as possible. What should you pay attention to at the beginning of training? Technics. Professional growth will be slow and traumatic if you do not adhere to the basic rules for doing exercises and warming up the necessary muscle groups. 

Start small and confidently move on to harder exercises. Can’t pull up? Bet on building strength and muscle volume with push-ups. Reduced amplitudes and inertia. Professional athletes rarely use these methods, but they are acceptable at the initial stage, when there is little experience and strength.

Let’s rest the muscles. Do not set super-tasks, there should be a break of 1 or 2 days between workouts of one muscle group. This is necessary for a full recovery. Help partner. Do not refuse help at the initial stage. The partner will be able to support at the time of the exercise, which will reduce the load on the muscles and avoid injury.

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