Quality And Price Ratio For Diamond Pendant Styles

The budget you want to put in a Diamond Pendant Styles is your choice, spend as much as you think is appropriate, but remember that you will still have to put a cost on it. There is a myth that you have to spend three months salary for a Diamond Pendant Styles, it dates back to the 1950s and doesn’t have much merit. The best advice is to learn about the different grades of diamonds, do lots of comparisons, then budget and find a ring to match. The beauty is in the gesture, not in how much money you spent on it.

It is very important to choose one (or more) certified diamond, because it allows you to be informed about all aspects of your stone but also removes all uncertainties about its authenticity. The certificates guarantee the quality of the Diamond Pendant Styles that set your ring, they are established by a laboratory, they could be compared to the identity card of a diamond.

Diamond dealer since 1967, CELINNI diamant lists more than 100,000 Diamond Pendant Styles physically in Paris, Antwerp, Bombay, Hong Kong. This exceptional choice allows us to offer the widest and cheapest diamond offer on the market. Absolute assurance for our customers, they deal with diamond technicians, offering them certified diamonds directly from international diamond exchanges. You can be assisted by our experts by requesting a personalized diamond quote.

Diamond solitaires , diamond wedding bands ,  diamond bracelets, diamond  earrings , pendants and necklaces. .. diamonds alone or mounted, the Maison CELINNI meets all desires for luxury and rarity. From 0.02 to 17 carats, each visitor selects the Diamond Pendant Styles of their dreams online thanks to the simplified platform allowing them to choose the shape, weight, clarity and color of their diamond.

In addition, all our diamonds are certified by independent laboratories which are the three best in the world, recognized worldwide for their expertise and seriousness. We work with the best  certified suppliersby RJC, Kimberly Process and COC. These organizations guarantee: the protection of human rights, respect for employees, the assurance of security measures, the import of “conflict free” diamonds, the fight against corruption, the protection of the environment and a recycled and traceable gold.

Our diamonds all come from productions guaranteeing respect for human rights, respect for the planet but also a supply chain outside of geopolitical conflicts. We have chosen to buy diamonds with human and committed certificates so that you can benefit from ethical diamonds that respect both people and the environment. Finally, all our jewelry is made in France in our Parisian workshops.

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